Q: What are the "4 C's" of Diamonds?
A: Cut, Carat, Clarity & Color. Click Here to view our chart DRH Diamond Analysis 2009. (PDF Adobe Acrobat required.)

Q: What are the benefits in obtaining a Diamond Grading Report?
A: Diamond Grading Reports assure you of the authenticity and quality of your diamond. They are most commonly provided with the purchase of a significant piece of diamond jewelry such as an engagement ring or a diamnd three stone ring. The reports are prepared by independent, certified gemologists from laboratories around the world and can help calculate the specific characteristics of your diamond.

Q: What are the names of organizations that provide Diamond Grading Reports?
Some of the well-known organizations that provide grading reports are: GIA (Gemological Institute of America); AGS (American Gemological Society); EGL (European Gemological Laboratory); IGI (International Gemological Institute). Your jeweler can assist you in acquiring a grading report through one of these labs - either at the time of purchase or after.

Q: What is the difference between a JEWELER and a RETAILER?
A: A retailer is a store that fills its' cases with designer jewelry and offers NO customer service. A jeweler is an individual that is trained and experienced in the jewelry industry...one that understands the make and dimensions of diamonds and gemstones. A jeweler is focused on customer service and creating a piece of jewelry that is perfect for the occasion.

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