Appraisal servicesDouglas R. Harris, Jewelers is the only jeweler in Gaston County providing appraisal services. Appraisals include a thorough description of each piece of jewelry, stating the quality grades and minute details. A state-of-the-art gem lab insures that appraised items are evaluated correctly and valued per your needs. Appraisals are done for estates, bankrupticies, resale and other evaluations. Douglas R. Harris adheres to strict industry standards in all evaluations. A digital close-up photograph is included with each appraisal to insure accuracy in identification of each item in case of loss or theft. All diamond solitaires over .50 cts. are individually plotted with internal flaws. All pieces are cleaned and checked. We offer appraisals while you wait with an appointment, 24-hour express service or the standard service which is 3-5 days.

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