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Custom Jewelry

Douglas R. Harris, Jewelers offers custom design services with a personalized touch. With patience and knowledge, our staff works with you to design a piece of jewelry that will become a heirloom. We listen to what you want to wear or to give as a special gift. We respect the heritage of the jewelry you may be restoring or wanting to remount, no matter the size of the stone or the budget.


Using state of the art computer software and machining tools, we can turn any idea into reality.

While talking to the customer we draw a sketch at the counter...
Counter Sketch

Our jeweler then uses the CAD (Computer-Aided Design) software to render a lifelike 3D model...
Model Model

This information is then sent into the CAM machine (Computer-Aided Manufacturing)...

The CAM machine translates the drawing into a 3D wax model. After the customer approves of the final design the wax model is sent to the casting process where the wax is replaced with the metal.

After the stones are set and the piece is given a final polish and clean. The idea has been realized.
Finished Ring